Accelerate your work by harnessing the computing power of the crowd, when you need it.


Monetize your hardware by providing computing power to the crowd in times of low workload.


Pay and get paid in Bitcoin, the independent, decentralized Internet currency.

Blender 2.75 512M

Blender 2.75 2G

BitWrk Lightning Talk on 31C3 Hamburg, Germany, Dec 30, 2014

Jonas Eschenburg, developer of BitWrk, held a Lightning talk on BitWrk at the 31st annual Chaos Communication Congress (31C3). In his 5 minute talk, he explained the concepts behind BitWrk and gave an outlook on upcoming events.

Slides (PDF).

What is BitWrk?

BitWrk is both a piece of software for your computer, as well as a service. It is aimed at two groups of people:

  • The buyers: Users who require lots of computing power at their finger tips. For example, artists using rendering software such as Blender to create impressive movies.
  • The sellers: Hardware owners who have computing power to spare and would like to monetize that resource in times of low workload.

BitWrk connects both groups in an easy-to-use way. It works like a stock exchange. Just not trading stocks, but computation tasks.

The BitWrk client's user interface. The first image shows a number of buys and sells currently being dispatched. The second image shows the Bitcoin depositing process. Sending Bitcoin to the right address from your cell phone is easy thanks to QR-codes.
Blender rendering a scene using the bitwrk-blender add-on. The flat blocks in the image are work units that are currently being dispatched to the BitWrk service.

BitWrk describes itself as a marketplace for computing power. If that sounds abstract, relax!

Truth is, BitWrk is currently covering only one use case: Being a distributed rendering service for Blender, the free 3D rendering software.

BitWrk includes bitwrk-blender, an add-on enabling Blender to dispatch rendering jobs to the BitWrk service.

BitWrk uses Bitcoin, a novel payment method. Bitcoin enables you to send money, via your computer or cell phone, to anybody else on the Internet.

In order to buy computing power on BitWrk, you will need to either earn Bitcoin by selling computing power on BitWrk, or purchase some Bitcoin beforehand. Luckily, there are exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin for Dollars, Euros etc.

If you haven't used Bitcoin before, start here:

Beta test currently taking place

As of December 2014, BitWrk is in BETA phase, which means that it has reached a stage where it can be useful already. Please help the author of BitWrk by taking part now! After all, BitWrk is Open Source and meant to be a community project.

At the current stage of the test, BitWrk is only open to buyers. It wil gradually open up to sellers too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will BitWrk accelerate my computer?
No. BitWrk will accelerate very specific software, and that software has been converted to work with BitWrk. At the moment, that is only Blender 3D. Not all kinds of software are equally well-suited to be adapted for BitWrk.
Will my device/computer run BitWrk?
The BitWrk client software runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The front-end is web-based and can be displayed on any mobile device, too.
Where can I register a BitWrk account?
You don't have to. When you run the client software for the first time, it creates an account for you. It will keep a key file (privatekey.wif) to identify itself to the BitWrk service. Your account will be named something like 1MwvTNehPz7U5XYn3h1G7LVPANv3GFq6JR. This does not only look like a Bitcoin address, it is one. BitWrk's algorithms are based on Bitcoin technology.
Does BitWrk cost money?
The BitWrk client software is free (in fact, both client and server are Open Source). For buying computing power, you need a very small amount of money per transaction. That is the whole idea behind BitWrk. The service itself will deduct a small fee (currently 3% but subject to change) off the price of each transaction.
What's that animation on this page?
Apart from looking pretty, it is actually a simulation of BitWrk's possible, future user behavior rating system.